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9 Benefits of Swedish Sponge Cloths

There are tons of benefits to using a Swedish Sponge Cloth instead of paper towels, their cuteness included! We’ve compiled our top 10 reasons to switch to Swedish Sponge Cloths today.

1. Reusable

Swedish Sponge Cloths are designed to be reused multiple times throughout their lifespan. Each cloth can be washed 200 times or more, equaling 9+ months of use! To keep them fresh between uses, you can put your cloth on the top rack of the dishwasher and run through a cleaning cycle. Our Swedish cleaning cloths can even go into the washing machine!

2. More Sanitary Than Other Kitchen Cloth

The familiar kitchen sponge – a favourite household staple - it soaks up water, helps scrub dishes, and wipes away spills, but have you ever stopped to think about how sanitary your kitchen sponge is? It isn't.

Because of their absorbency and thick composition, household sponges trap dirt, food debris and moisture. This combination of dampness and debris creates the perfect environment for bacteria to grow. You might be surprised to hear that a kitchen sponge actually carries more active bacteria than any other place in your house (and that includes every nook and cranny in your bathroom).

Unfortunately, kitchen sponges don’t get a chance to dry out fully – and they aren’t easy to wash, either. That means bacteria can multiply unchecked, leading to musty smells and decreased efficiency over time. And once they’ve started to break down, sponges go directly into the garbage and contribute to landfill waste – just like their cleaning counterpart, paper towels.

3. Compostable

Not only do our Swedish Sponge Cloths decrease packaging waste with recyclable packaging, but our cleaning cloths are totally biodegradable!

Once your cloth has reached the end of its useful life, you can put it in the compost instead of the trash. And all of our cleaning cloths are printed with non-toxic dyes, keeping plants, soil, water, and animals safe as they dissolve.

4. Absorbs More

Our Swedish Sponge Cloths are made from sustainably sourced cellulose and cotton. It’s this combination of cellulose and cotton that gives the cloths their amazing absorption – in fact, each cloth can absorb up to 15 x their weight! That’s great news for any household, but especially those that are prone to frequent spills and cleanup.

5. Lasts 9+ Months!

You can continue reusing your cleaning cloth, they are so durable that they can even be washed along with your kitchen towels! You can put your Swedish Sponge Cloth in the dishwasher or the laundry machine up to 200 times (9+ months) before it’s time to put your cloth in the compost. Now that’s what we call durability!

6. Durable

Tired of having paper towels tear in your hands as you’re cleaning? Made with a combination of cotton and cellulose fibers, our cloths are much thicker than paper towels, and they’re much more durable, too. Once you’ve finished cleaning, simply rinse out your cloth and let it air dry on a kitchen sink, over the faucet, or on a rack.

7. 100s of Uses!

Think a Swedish Sponge Cloth can only be used to wipe up spills? Think again! Here are some of our favourite uses:

• Streak-free window cleaning

• Wiping down granite or marble countertops

• Cleaning wood floors

• Polishing stainless steel appliances

• Cleaning dishes and silverware after meals

• Washing bathroom and shower fixtures

• Scrubbing mildew and grime from the tub

• Absorbing household spills

• Washing your car from inside to outside

• Wiping dust-prone surface areas, such as overhead fans, dressers, tables, bookshelves, and more

• Drying off your dog’s coat and paws after a rainy walk

Best of all, a Swedish Dish Cloth packs cleaning power even without household cleaners – for a chemical-free clean, try simply using water and vinegar with your Swedish Sponge Cloth!

8. Save Money

How much are you spending on paper towels each week? $5? $10? Paper towels are a household item that you might throw in your shopping cart without thinking about the cost – but over time, the cost of paper towels can add up!

Consider this: across the globe, our collective spending on paper towels came in around $12 billion (that’s right, billion). Global spending on paper towels is expected to increase by another 4 percent by the end of 2022. And this estimation was created far before the onset of COVID-19, meaning this percentage is likely much higher in actuality. With a renewed emphasis on cleaning and sanitizing (and national shortages of paper products) in 2020 and 2021, our collective paper towel consumption has increased significantly, ultimately harming the environment.

9. Replace 40+ Paper Towel Rolls!

If you’re buying one-time use paper towels every week (or even every other week), you’re throwing money away. Instead of using paper towels, opt for Swedish Sponge Cloths. Not only are they a more efficient alternative, but they’ll also save you money – 40 paper towel rolls’ worth.

That’s a big deal, not just for what you can fit in your pantry, but for the health of your budget, the ability to recycle, and for the environment.

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